What Happened in 2 Years Without blogging

It’s been roughly 1083 Days or 25,992 Hours or 154 Weeks I haven’t decided to start a new post on my primary blogging platform namely this site. Most of the reason is because I’m being too lazy to touch the keyboard and lately I’ve been addicted to tumblr which has more interesting contents,themes, pictures, videos and by any means it’s also a Bandwith Killer, a tempting Bandwith Killer. And also Tumblr is very suitable for posting some melodramatic trashtalks hahaha.

What Happened? A Lot of things happen by a heaps amount of a lot-ness, let’s make a rough timeline out of it a rough and hard core one

  • 2010 (Totally forgot what happened here,  those black suited men might de-neurolized me around the roller coaster tunnel)
    • riding Roller Coaster all day all night (quite literally at Movie World)
    • doing organizational things
    • Finished courses
    • Made the 1st Software Requirement Specification
  • 2011
    • Having trip around a small part of Aussie
    • Finished my Final Project on Location Based Webservice Provider
    • Graduated from both University of Queensland & Universitas Indonesia
    • Got my 1st job interview at an Oil & Gas company
    • Working as a contracted programmer on a Shipping Company
  • 2012
    • Got an interview from several companies, 2 of them came from the Big Four
    • Started working at one of the leading Telecommunication Company in Indonesia
    • Being an Analyst in Commerce field for the 1st time
    • Watching the 1st L’arc en Ciel  World Tour Concert in Indonesia
  • 2013
    • Started On The Job Training at a Central Bank (which has a quite aloof culture from my previous Job)
    • Experiencing how IT Project Management Office works in a real world

I think that’s a wrap for this Awakening session, Let’s hoping that I will provide moar tutorials and ridiculous information further. And the last but not least thanks for having dropped by on my abandoned page, it’s good to know that my posts can help you guys learn a simple programming language.

Koji ouda here

Keep Moving Forward !


what happened in 4 weeks without blogging

Well many things happens, even sh*t (LOL) .. but recently the assignment become intense and I dont have time to share something in this blog. Fortunately after some chat in Plurk with my friend, chamatz, I decide to come up with some Ajax example and JSON, maybe after this day or next week. this idea comes because AJAX is indeed used in most big websites, such as Facebook and google.

Might and Magic : Clash of Heroes DS – short review

Still remember of “Heroes Might and Magic” series in PC  ? Now this game also available for NDS. Ubisoft released this game in a whole new different combat system, because they want to get more attention from younger audiences. This game is still a turn based adventure game, but the battle system turn into a semi-puzzle game. The elite and champion unit from the previous game such as Griffin also returned in this game with cool cartoon-ish design and still with awesome power.

Battle Screen

the Angel's wrath (courtesy Gamespot.com)

The Campaign mode offer full of story telling along with advanced guidance for some units and “Puzzle battle” (a one turn battle with various of challenge).